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The Buttermarket studios house nine independent artists



The inspiration for Philippas work centres around ruination and fragmentation of architectural forms, drawing metaphorical parallels between the ruin and experiences of human existence.Her work leans towards abstraction,quietly offering a piece of mysteriously familiar narrative.The paring back of recognisable forms has allowed this artist to create a personal visual vocabulary,employing methods of abstraction has allowed Philippa to distill and communicate more concisely her ideas through painterly practice.

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My work explores materiality and meaning. Working with non-traditional materials, I am concerned with the human capacity for destruction, in both our personal relationships, and in our wider relating to other cultures and communities, both at home and abroad. Ultimately this is mirrored in our relationship with the planet itself.

Investigation into the nature of cracks and fractures has led me to explore substances leaking and dripping through other materials.

I believe that the act of producing the piece of work is of more importance than its permanence.

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Carolines work is a reflection of her ongoing exploration into the rich historical presence of drapery within art from antiquity to the present day.She uses folded fabrics as a means of articulating her research.As a motif, drapery’s meaning is both provocatively alluring yet frustratingly evasive.These characteristics have led her to question how, if at all, drapery could be a signifier for the sublime..those inexplicable moments when we find ourselves blissfully lost for



The immediate architectural, landscape and socio-political context often inspires her work. 

A variety of media may be employed; for example, found objects, performance, photography and video.  Processes are explorative and continue to evolve; these include site-responsive assemblages, collaborative projects and relational performances working with other artists and communities across the UK.

Founder member plastic transport plc

studying Fine Art at Hereford College of Arts,Hereford, UK


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Omar Majeed is an interdisciplinary artist working in painting, video, and installation among other media.  Over the course of his MA in Fine Art he became interested in creative activity as identity praxis and through the work he does builds an existential project. Whether making abstract or figurative work, Omar’s painting negotiates surrealist automata and intuitive image sculpting, allowing forms to emerge from the inchoate.  Much emphasis is placed on playful improvisation, and his work draws on German Expressionism and Fauvist tropes viewed in a post-postmodern context.  His video work responds humorously to interpersonal issues and often contains a dark counterpoint to the whimsy and vice versa.  Parallel to this, Omar is interested in publishing as art practice, and has been making zines and artists’ books since studying photography in 2003, an practice further elaborated on after graduating from his design degree in 2011.

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Mandy's background in science and mathematics supports an interest in shapes found in the landscape and creating geometric transformations. Her practice incorporates a hybrid of installation, print and photography. 

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